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AC Motorsport is a group of passionate racing enthusiasts who are bringing motorsport opportunities to drivers around the world and offering a lifetime of training, support.

We have a well developed network of race teams competing around the globe who are always on the hunt for fast, reliable drivers!

Angus Chapel

Meet the man behind this racing force.


Driver & Director

“I’ve never met a more passionate fan than a racing fan.”

Angus Chapel has been invited to drive with Motorsport Services Ltd in the Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12hr. He has been racing production and sports cars for 12 years and is one of handful of Australians who have conquered the legendary Nurburgring.

Since bringing the Australian division of the BMW Motorsport Club from casual Sunday outings to full on sprint competition, Angus has coached amateurs and pro drivers alike at the infamous ‘Green Hell’ – Nurburgring Motor Racing Circuit, for the last 2 years and considers it to be his second home. When the 20km undulating mountain circuit is asleep he turns his attention to another well-known circuit among racing fans around the world, Spa Francorchamps in Belgium.

Angus’ passion for teaching drivers the intimate skills required to control their race cars on challenging

circuits for extended periods of time makes him one of the best ‘gentleman’ drivers in the business. With a 2015 calendar starting with a return once again to the now world famous Bathurst 12hr, and picking up drives throughout selected rounds of the Creventic 24hr series and the inclusion of yet another Nurburgring 24hr for the first time, the 24 hours of Spa, Angus is showing no signs of slowing down yet.

In 2012 Angus created AC Motorsport, a racing and coaching entity still finding its place in the volatile world of motor racing. His vision is to bring the dream of racing to those who find it unattainable, and to share his passion for racecars with all those who wish to access it. “I’d love to have long history of racing students who are living their dream and seeing their lives through passionate eyes. I get a real buzz from seeing somebody discover something about themselves and their driving style that ultimately

translates to a better lap time, or more life from their brake pads. I love seeing somebody connect with their machine for the first time.” AC Motorsport is a global business and Angus and his team travel extensively to personally support their students not only training for an event but also during the event.

One of the great things about this business is being able to share the passion with those who would have never normally had such an opportunity, to be up close and personal with the racecars the team and intoxicating atmosphere that’s generated from a race weekend, especially at an endurance race. You have an opportunity to really get into every little corner of the event, visit the best vantage points, wander through the pits and meet some of the most energetic people you will likely ever meet. “I’ve never met a more passionate fan than a racing fan.”


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